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Morris Park CC Dress Code

Dress Code for Morris Park Country Club
Members & Guests

Golf Course and Practice Areas 

Blue Jeans are not permitted at any time
Sleeved shirts with collars (includes mocks and turtlenecks) must be worn at all times;
mid-length shorts are permissible, excluding cut-offs, athletic and short shorts.

Sleeveless shirts are permissible, excluding halter and bathing suit tops;
slacks and mid-length shorts are permissible, excluding short shorts and tennis dresses.

The above dress code applies to all juniors as well

All golfers are required to wear spikeless (non metal) shoes

Pebble Beach/Pinehurst Rooms & Veranda
(lunch , dinner & Sunday Brunch)
Neat, casual attire, denim permitted.
 Grill Rooms  
Neat, casual attire, denim permitted.
Notre Dame Home Games
Due to the nature and atmosphere of sporting events,
denim will be permitted at all Pre and Post game dining.

Swim Suits
are not allowed in any area of the Clubhouse

except the Junior Grill.
Cover-ups and shoes must be worn in the Clubhouse.

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